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Cam was referenced twice; Tristan was an uncharacteristically good friend; Claire finally stops putting up with Eli’s bullshit; what the fuck did I just watch?

The writers wrote a pretty good episode, that’s what. A little late though.

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Can we please talk about how Zig and Miles ended up in the Greenhouse where Cam killed himself…. yet, Maya didn’t find them there?

That was the perfect opportunity to bring this plot full circle, but they screwed up.

I’m not a “Cam needs to be mentioned every episode” person. I just felt Maya had been written in such a way since Cam’s death that felt like she never went through that ordeal. 

And, I feel that getting all those characters in the greenhouse would have been a wonderful opportunity. 

However, I did appreciate Maya’s line, “The last time someone I cared about disappeared, they never came back.”

After all, in my opinion, a teenage girl falling in love would certainly have lasting effects over her first boyfriend committing suicide.  

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Whenever a movie costume is on display, or is sold into the hands of a private collector, what is often heard said is just how detailed the costume is, and how much work went into it that simply cannot be seen or appreciated on film.

However, with the current shift to HD television shows and BluRay films, that is starting to change. The above costume is a wonderful example of how an absolutely exquisite gown becomes something completely different when the details can be seen. The costume worn by Geraldine Chapman as Fräulein Rottenmeier in the 2005 production of Heidi is certainly beautiful in its graceful lines and shape. However, when seen in the Doctor Who Christmas Special The Snowmen in 2012 on Jenna Louise Coleman as Clara, the previously unseen textures become more apparent, as do the subtle variations of colours in the different fabrics.

Costume Credit: Supremesoufflegirl

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